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   Simple locodecoder suitable for construction for beginners but also for more demanding who know what they expect from locodecoder.

    Dimensionally in amateur conditions can be built into this locodecoder dimensions suitable for installation in locomotives as well as wagons (SW for control of lighting coupe and rear lamps) the correct size TT (1:120). Locodecoder (AVR locodecoder) is built on CPU ATtiny2313 (successor AT90S2313).



  • DCC signal from which the power is realized. VDCC = 8-24V range (optimal is to use the power supply is compatible with a maximum voltage of the motor.


  • Motor supply in the range of -VDCC to +VDCC. Output voltage is regulated by a constant PWM signal polarity (the engine is less stressed, survives the old Tillig). PWM output frequency in the range 10Hz - 8kHz.
  • LED for function FL and RL. The maximum current of 20 mA. Open collector for participation. Require external pullup resistor on the desired LED current and LED wiring.
  • LED for function F1 and F2. Restriction than the previous output.
  • 4 independent outputs for different purposes (the firmware of the CPU).


   Continuous refilled functions as required. HEX file available for registered users. Firmware can be changed on a built locodecoder programming through recessed connector.